Warranty conditions Babboe B.V.

Our warranty conditions apply to all Babboe products. The warranty conditions contain the warranty period and which parts are covered by the warranty, among others.

Article 1 Warranty

  1. Babboe guarantees that all Babboe cargo bikes are free of manufacturing and/or material defects, insofar the foregoing results from the conditions of this warranty.
  2. The warranty can only be invoked by the original owner of the relevant Babboe cargo bike.
  3. The warranty expires in accordance with the provisions in Articles 3.1 and 5.1.
  4. he warranty is not transferable.
  5. The warranty period commences on the day of delivery after agreement and receipt of delivery.

Article 2 Warranty period

  1. The Babboe cargo bike frames are covered by a 5-year warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
  2. The box and box panels are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
  3. Loss of colour for the box and/or box parts is not covered by the warranty and can occur through daily use and/or external factors such as UV rays, moisture and heat.
  4. All electrical components are covered by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
  5. All other parts, with the exception of the parts mentioned in Article 2.7, are covered by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
  6. All accessories are covered by a 6-month warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
  7. Parts subject to wear, such as tyres, chain, chain rings, cables, brake pads, are not covered by this warranty, unless there is a manufacturing and/or material defect.
  8. Babboe cargo bike show models are covered by 50% of above mentioned warranty periods.

Cargo Bike service

Maintenance determines the lifespan of every bike, including your cargo bike. Perform a first inspection after 62 miles or within 10-12 weeks after purchase of your cargo bike to keep the warranty active. Maintenance can be carried out by a qualified bicycle mechanic. Keep the receipts of the bicycle as evidence of the maintenance carried out. The costs are not reimbursed.

Article 3 Warranty Exclusions

  1. The warranty will become void in the following cases:
    1. The Babboe cargo bike did not undergo a first service after 10-12 weeks or 62 miles after delivery (proof through invoice/receipt).
    2. The Babboe cargo bike did not undergo a yearly service after the first service check (proof through invoice/receipt).
    3. Defects are due to improper assembly, i.e. assembly not in line with the assembly instructions included with your bike, or the instructions on the website.
    4. Incorrect and/or careless use of the Babboe cargo bike, not in accordance with its intended purpose, among others:
      • Riding the bike on or off the kerb with a full load;
      • Riding up against kerbs;
      • Riding a three-wheeler on two wheels.
    5. Technical repairs that are not carried out professionally.
    6. Parts installed at a later date do not correspond with the technical specifications of the relevant cargo bike or are installed incorrectly.
    7. Proof of ownership cannot be shown.
    8. When the box load is higher than the maximum load capacity of 80 kg for the Carve, City, Slim & Mini cargo bikes, 100 kg for the Big, Dog, Transporter & Curve cargo bikes and 150 kg for the Babboe Max.
    9. When the saddle load is more than 100 kg.
    10. When the rear carrier load is more than 25 kg.
    11. In case of damage resulting from an accident or other external calamity.
  2. Furthermore, Babboe’s liability expressly excludes damage to (parts of) the Babboe cargo bike as a result of:
    1. Incorrect adjustment of/tension on the handlebar, stem, saddle, seat post, derailleur set, brakes, gears and/or parts that become loose, adjusting wheels and spokes during use, and spoke breakage.
    2. Not replacing parts in a timely manner, such as brake/derailleur cables, brake pads, tyres, chain and sprockets;
    3. Climatic influences such as normal weathering of paint or rusting of chrome.
    4. Climatic influences such as discoloration of the box or paint.
    5. Cargo bikes that are used as rentals.

Article 4 Labour costs on parts in case of warranty

  1. During the warranty period, all parts determined by Babboe as being a material or manufacturing defect, shall be repaired or reimbursed at Babboe's discretion. Costs for (dis)assembly are to be borne by the owner, if the owner is expected to be able to mount the part by himself/herself.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions in the previous paragraph, Babboe shall also bear the labour costs in case of material and/or manufacturing defects on frames and forks for two years after date of purchase.

Tip by parents for parents

  • Do not spray the tricycle with a high-pressure sprayer. A too strong water jet can damage the electronics in the electrical parts. In addition, you spray the grease out of the bearings and moisture enters the frame. The warranty expires in such cases.
  • Protect the Babboe cargo bike against the frost. Do not use the parking brake if the cargo bike is outside for a longer period of time, there is a risk that it will freeze.

Article 5 Submitting a warranty claim

  1. Warranty claims must be submitted to Babboe by email. The email should include the order number, frame number and a picture of the relevant part. Babboe will then be able to assess whether it is covered by the warranty.
  2. Babboe will either accept or reject the claim within a reasonable time frame. Should it not be reasonably possible for Babboe to assess the defect without having seen the cargo bike in person, an appropriate solution will be found in consultation with the owner.
  3. Before sending a replacement item, Babboe may request the item in question to be sent to Babboe for assessment. Based on that assessment, Babboe may decide that the item is not covered by the warranty and may not send a replacement item.
  4. Transport costs for the Babboe cargo bike and/or parts to and from Babboe shall be borne by the owner, unless the relevant part is covered by the warranty.
  5. If a certain part is covered by the warranty and the original is no longer available, Babboe will suggest an alternative that is at least equivalent.

Article 6 Liability

  1. A warranty claim honoured by Babboe does not automatically mean that Babboe also accepts liability for any loss or damage sustained. Babboe’s liability will never extend beyond what is defined in these warranty conditions and/or Babboe's applicable general terms and conditions.