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Babboe Pro Trike - stable cargo bike with a great price/quality ratio

The Trike is a robust cargo bike with 3 wheels, with room for parcels that take up to 300 litres of volume. The practical lid allows you to easily open and close the box. This business cargo bike is suitable for every rider; the box is simple to set up and it's easy to get on and off during deliveries.

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Babboe Pro Trike

Babboe Pro Trike

The Babboe Pro Trike is the base model of the business cargo bikes. The weight sits between the two wheels, so that the load’s centre of gravity remains low. This allows for easy cycling, even with a loaded box. The box is made of Betonplex marine plywood panels and its square shape easily holds parcels, crates or printed materials. As a base model, this cargo bike is also very suitable as an advertising tool for your business. Place the cargo bike with decals in front of your shop and brand awareness is guaranteed!

Electric Trike

If your cargo bike's box is loaded to the rim with goods, it’s nice to have an extra boost! The electric assistance in the rear wheel allows you to handle any route. This means the Elektrische Trike is a sustainable means of transportation for every entrepreneur. The battery is concealed in the luggage carrier and therefore doesn't take up any space on the cargo bike.

Current users of these cargo bikes include:

  • Bakeries for the delivery of sandwiches
  • Deliverers of printed materials
  • Car wash companies

Purchasing a cargo bike

Are you interested in purchasing a Trike or Trike-E? The Babboe Pro cargo bikes are available online through our online shop. Selling the cargo bikes online means we are able to keep prices low, without compromising on quality. That’s why the Trike has a very favourable price/quality ratio. Interested in purchasing a cargo bike? View all Trike models.

Cargo Trike testing

Would you like to test a cargo bike before purchasing one? Please join us at one of our test days. We recommend you bring your goods/packages during the test ride so you can see how they fit in the different boxes, always inform a dealer which cargo bike you want to test. For more information regarding our other bikes, please visit the Cargo Bike and Cargo Trike XL pages.