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Cargo bike accessories

There are several Babboe cargo bike accessories that make a ride in the cargo bike even more fun. Not only are there functional cargo bike accessories, such as the toddler seat and Maxi-Cosi carrier, there are also bakfiets accessories that will protect the cargo bike and/or the little ones from the elements, such as a rain tent, cargo bike cover or sunroof.
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Cargo bike accessories

For your Babboe cargo bike you can choose from a wide range of cargo bike accessories at Babboe. These cargo bike accessories have been specially designed for you and will make riding your cargo bike even easier and more pleasant. All of our accessories have been developed at customer request and new ones are always being added. For example, in 2019 we launched the BOET by Babboe collection. These are joyful cargo bike accessories in the Babboe style such as saddle covers and bicycle bells. Below you will find our top 3 cargo bike accessories.

Maxi-Cosi attachment for cargo bikes

The absolute favourite accessory of our customers is the Maxi-Cosi attachment for their cargo bikes. This allows them to use their own Maxi-Cosi seat on the cargo bike. The special bracket can be easily mounted on your cargo bike (except the Babboe Big). Then you click your Maxi-Cosi into the bracket and secure it with the safety straps. Decide for yourself if you want to get the Maxi-Cosi attachment already installed on your cargo bike when you order or if you'd like to attach it yourself at home. No worries: it's not hard if you follow the instructions. 

Cargo bike seat: fits on every Babboe cargo bike

Don't have a Maxi-Cosi, but want to take baby with you on your cargo bike? Babboe also has a practical and safe solution for this: the baby insert for the cargo bike seat is also very popular with our customers. This is mounted on the seat on the steering wheel side. This way your baby is sitting in front of you in the direction of travel and can already feel the fresh air on its face from 3 months and up. If your baby is still very small, the baby insert can be expanded with head and body supports. The baby insert for the cargo bike is also a fine solution for mums with twins who want to take both along for the ride.

Cargo bike child seat: stylish and soft to sit on

#3 among our most popular accessories is definitely the cargo bike child's seat. Since 2019, the cargo child's seat has been available in five cheerful BOET by Babboe designs. These are blue with zebras, spotty dots (red with white polka dots), sunny silver, crocodile tears (white with blue drops) and yippee yellow (bright yellow). The cargo bike child's seat is suitable for all small children who are mobile and fit well. Most parents use this seat on their cargo bike from about 18 months of age. Of course, your sweetheart will be strapped into cargo bike child seat with the three-point safety belt.