Babboe Flow cargo bike | familiar and stable

The Babboe Flow owes its name to the easy and familiar way of steering. Even if you’ve never ridden a three-wheel cargo bike, this model will get you right into the ‘flow’. You can steer a Babboe Flow cargo bike effortlessly around curves. The unique design of the Babboe Flow ensures that you only move the handlebars and not the box; the wheels turn independently from the box. This feels as familiar as riding a regular bicycle. This family bike combines the stability of a three-wheel cargo bike with the familiar steering characteristics of a regular bicycle.

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Babboe Flow

Babboe Flow, the stable cargo bike that steers like a normal bicycle

For easy and familiar way of steering

Babboe Flow

  • 2  Children
  • 1  Bench
  • 216 cm  Length
  • 85 cm  Width
Babboe Flow

Unique design - Steering without moving the box

The unique design on the Babboe Flow hasthe steering characteristics of a regular bicycle. The Babboe Flow Mountain is an electric three-wheel cargo bike: the handlebars move but the box doesn’t.

Unique design
Babboe Flow

Parking Brake - Quick and easy parking

The Babboe Flow-E is equipped with a special parking brake. This allows you to park the Babboe Flow-E easily and quickly and prevents the cargo bike from slowly rolling away.

Parking Brake

Compare the Flow cargo bikes:

Babboe Flow Mountain

Babboe Flow Mountain

Babboe Flow-E

Babboe Flow-E
Electric cargo bike
Electric cargo bike
Electric cargo bike
Luggage carrier
LED lighting via battery (front and rear)
LED lighting via battery (front and rear)
Type of gear
Stepless hub
Battery location
Under the bench
Under the luggage carrier
Motor position
Rear wheel motor
Motor technology
Force (Nm)
Type of sensor
Power and speed
Rotation and speed
Rolling roads, Hilly roads
Flat roads, Rolling roads

Featured accessories Babboe Flow

Melia baby seat

Melia baby seat View the product

Steco maxi cosi carrier

Steco maxi cosi carrier View the product

Babboe toddler seat

Babboe toddler seat View the product
As low as 67.-

Babboe cargo bike cushion

Babboe cargo bike cushion View the product
As low as 38.-

Babboe Flow - Cargo bike for 4 children

The box seats 2 children. The Babboe Flow can also be fitted with a Maxi-Cosi carrier, allowing you to take the littlest one along with you. The Babboe Flow can also be fitted with an additional bench, so an extra child can ride in the box.

Difference between Carve and Flow

The Babboe Flow looks much like the Babboe Carve, but with one important difference: the box of the Babboe Flow doesn’t ‘carve’. This means that the box on the Babboe Flow won’t tilt while taking corners. The box of the Babboe Flow is always upright, which makes it extra stable. If you want to go around curves in a more flexible and faster way, you may want to take a look at the Babboe Carve.

Babboe Flow-E

The Babboe Flow-E cargo bike has an electric motor in the rear wheel. The Lithium-Ion battery is easy to charge and gives you about 40 to 60 kilometres of electrical pedal assistance! Thanks to the pedal assistance, the Babboe Flow-E can be used as a green and economical alternative to a car.

Babboe Flow Mountain

The Babboe Flow Mountain cargo bike lives up to its name; thanks to the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor, and Enviolo (NuVinci) stepless shifting, no mountain is too high for this family bike. Even with children in the box, you’ll be able to effortlessly cycle in hilly areas. The Babboe Flow Mountain is also great for longer distances

Babboe Flow Accessoires

Of course, the Babboe Flow can be equipped with various Babboe accessories, such as a rain tent, Maxi-Cosi carrier, cargo bike cover, cushion set, little kid seat and more.

Testing a Babboe Flow

Experience for yourself how much comfort a Babboe cargo bike offers before purchasing one. Take it for a test ride at one of our ambassadors.