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Here you can find the answers to all possible questions. We hope you can find what you are looking for. If this is not the case, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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+44 3030312305 (local rate)

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E-mail general for general questions and questions about accessories.
E-mail service for complaints and / or specific questions about servicing, assembly and warranty work.

Address details

Our head office is centrally located in the middle of the Netherlands, close to the A1 and A28, in Amersfoort. Only 35 minutes by car from the heart of Amsterdam and 25 minutes by car from Utrecht.

Babboe B.V.
Koedijkerweg 12 A
3816 BV Amersfoort
the Netherlands

Opening hours:
Visit by appointment
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Chamber of Commerce no: 30211515
VAT No: NL8158.51.753.B.01

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Delivery times
What are the delivery times at Babboe?
Longer delivery times due to COVID-19 The delivery time for a Babboe cargo bike is currently longer than usual. The coronavirus pandemic has made things very busy at our factory and our suppliers. We are doing everything we can to get your cargo bike...
What happens if I order products that have different delivery times?
When products with different delivery times are ordered in one order, the products that are already in stock are sent first. The other products will be sent as soon as they are available. So, you will receive the products separately. Cargo bike with...
What does "unknown delivery time" mean?

If the expected delivery time is not known, this means we unfortunately do not know exactly when we can deliver the product. In theory, delivery can take up to several months.

The reasons is that we are dependent on third parties, such as supplies, mail delivery services and transport companies. In this case, we are unable to predict when exactly the product will be back in stock.

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About Babboe
How was Babboe created?

The Babboe cargo bike was an initiative of a group of parents who wanted a cargo bike, but thought the existing cargo bikes were very pricey. In cooperation with an engineering firm, the Babboe Big was developed and the goal was to develop a qualitative and affordable cargo bike. The first Babboe cargo bikes were delivered in March 2007. In addition to the 3-wheel Babboe Big we now have marketed different types of cargo bikes.

What does Babboe stand for?

Babboe is a combination of the names Baloo and Babu.

Babboe's philosophy is to give young parents moments of joy together with their children. From that line of thinking, we searched for a beautiful, fitting name for our product. That's how we ended up with Baloo and Babu. Baloo from the Disney character who protects Mowgli at all times.  Babu stems from the positive thought of daily care and love for children.  These associations lead us to Babboe.

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About Babboe cargo bikes
What type of brakes does a cargo bike have?
There are three different types of brakes for cargo bikes. The three types are: Drum brakes, rollerbrakes and disc brakes. Read more about there advantages here.
What are tips against cargo bike theft?
The tips below will reduce the chance of getting your cargo bike stolen.
Tips for riding a bakfiets cargo bike
Riding a bakfiets cargo bike is not hard, but it is different than riding a regular bike. To give you some tips, we have created several tips and videos.
How to store or park your cargo bike
When owning or purchasing a cargo bike, it’s wise to consider where you will store the bike. Enjoy your cargo bike for years to come by keeping it in a safe and dry location. Preferably store your cargo bike in a shed, storage room or garage...
What is the difference between the Babboe Big and Babboe Curve?
Both the Babboe Big and the Babboe Curve are family cargo bikes. They are both threewheelers. The ‘old-fashioned’ square wooden box on the Babboe Big creates a robust look. The Babboe Curve was given a modern twist. The rounded shapes of the wooden box...
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Ordering and delivery
This is how the Babboe ordering process works
At Babboe we like to make life easier and more fun. That's why we explain how the Babboe ordering process works below. For example, we explain how to ensure your order is delivered to your home as quickly as possible. So that you know exactly what's ...
How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel you order by sending an email to Babboe customer service stating the order number. Your order will then be cancelled. If you've already paid for your order, the amount will be reimbursed to you as soon as possible.

An order can only be modified if it hasn't been processed yet. After payment, the order is being processed and we won't be able to modify it. If you forgot to order something with your cargo bike, you can still put in a separate order through the website. That order will then be sent to you separately.
Any changes prior to payment the order can be sent to the Babboe customer service. You will then receive an email with the adjusted total so that you can transfer the correct amount.

How do I change my order?
Any changes prior to payment of the order can be sent to the Babboe customer service. You will then receive an email with the adjusted total so that you can transfer the correct amount.
Can I pick up a cargo bike?

A cargo bike cannot be picked up. The cargo bike is delivered to your home free of charge.

You can't log into your account?

You can't log into your account? There could be several reasons:

  • you have an account from our previous website (prior to December 2020). Unfortunately, in that case, it is no longer possible to use the account you created when you purchased your cargo bike. You can request the necessary information from customer service.
  • if logging into the current website doesn't work, please check the email address you used. Maybe you're using a different email address than the one you originally used. If the password isn't working, please request a new one.

If the above does not apply, please contact our customer service.

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What payment methods can I use to pay?
You can pay with Creditcard, PayPal, Klarna and Bank transfer in the Babboe Webshop. Read more for the details of the payment methods.
Can I place a VAT-free order? (Intra-Community delivery)
For customers from the United Kingdom it is possible to place a business order and to reverse the VAT (Intra-Community delivery). In the case of an intra-Community delivery, the 0% rate may only be applied if you as a customer owe VAT in your EU country...
Payment failed or declined?
Has your payment failed? That's annoying. We are happy to help you on this page.
What are the advantages of payment with Klarna?
By registering at with your email address (with which you placed the order), you cal make use of all of the "smoooth" features of MyKlarna. Or download the Klarna app. Smoooth login: Simple login with Touch ID, email or PIN code. Simply...
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