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Babboe Slim family bike

Babboe Slim - a slim family bike perfect for long distances

Take your child(ren) along on an adventure in the Babboe Slim family bike! Its extra slim design makes the Babboe Slim ideal for long distances, trips, narrow roads and holidays. And easy to stall when you are taking a break from cycling. A great advantage of the Babboe Slim is having your kids in front of you, allows you to keep an eye on your children! The Babboe Slim is very manoeuvrable and balanced, and it feels as if you're riding a standard bike. It allows for two (older) children to sit on the cushions. You can also opt for Thule Yepp bike seats or a Maxi-Cosi carrier allowing even small children to be transported safely.

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Babboe Slim Mountain - slim and powerful

family bike for long distances

If you are looking for a very manoeuvrable bike with an extra powerful motor, then the Babboe Slim Mountain is the right bike for you. Thanks to the powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor and NuVinci stepless shifting system, the Babboe Slim Mountain rides very smoothly. The natural pedal assistance makes it feel as if you were doing all the pedalling yourself. It’s the ideal bike to take the entire family on adventurous trips or if you live in a hilly area.

Babboe Slim - an endless variety of accessories

Babboe Slim accessoires

The Babboe Slim family bike comes equipped with a cushion set, a safety bar surrounding the seating area and lap belts as standard. Different Babboe accessories can be installed on the bike, such as a rear carrier, foot rail and backrest. In addition, you can add an endless variety of extra accessories. The easy click system makes it easy to add or remove accessories, such as a Thule Yepp bike seat or Maxi-Cosi carrier. You can install 1 or 2 bike seats.

Purchasing a Babboe Slim

Babboe Slim

Babboe cargo bikes are all available to purchase online, that’s how we keep our cargo bikes at an affordable price. Our collaboration with major partners also allows us to offer the best promotional prices, without compromising quality. Interested in purchasing a Babboe Slim family bike?

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