Babboe is celebrating its 15th birthday with some very special stories

Inspiring user stories set out in a video series

Amersfoort 3 November 2022 – This year, Dutch Babboe is celebrating its 15th birthday. To celebrate, Babboe looks back on 15 years of special #babboemoments; a video series with portraits of Babboe owners with a special story. The first episode can be watched online from today.

The hairdresser who cycled to the Glasgow climate conference

In the first episode, we meet Maastricht hairdresser Noël Wilmes. Noël has modified his Babboe, meaning his cargo bike is powered entirely by solar cells. He cycled from the Netherlands to the climate conference in Glasgow in 2021 to raise awareness of climate change. An extraordinary journey about which he recounts in an especially animated way: 'the entire bike ride was a rollercoaster. I got to places I didn't expect and met people I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on'.

From do-it-yourself package to international online store

What started 15 years ago as a local initiative by some enterprising Dutch young parents for anaffordable cargo bike has grown to become the biggest global player in electric cargo bikes. While the first 'Babboe Big' could only be acquired as a kit, Babboe now targets families, dog owners and urban freight transport with some 14 different electric models. From the head office in Amersfoort, some 120 employees work towards Babboe's international growth.

For the last 15 years, Babboe has formed part of the day-to-day lives of people across the whole world. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Babboes are on the road across over 30 countries. That wide variety of Babboe owners is of course a fantastic source of inspiration to portray 15 years of Babboe

– Rens Bosma, Marketing Manager at Babboe

Babboe currently sells directly to consumers through its own webshops in 11 European countries. Babboe also works with over 1,300 bike shops around the world. Babboe became part of Accell Group in 2018, renowned for Batavus, Sparta, Koga, Raleigh, Carqon, Haibike and Ghost, among others.