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Dog cargo bikes

Biking with your dog is a joy

You on your bike. Your dog next to you on a lead. You look to your side and see their tongue panting away and their ears flapping in the wind. Running alongside your bike can be a good form of exercise for your dog. Moving straight ahead at a regular pace like this helps to build up a dog's muscles without excessive stress on their joints. Running alongside a bike isn't recommended for all dogs however. Some breeds are less or completely unsuitable for this due to their build or size. It is therefore extremely important to keep a close eye on your dog's health if you want to go biking with them.

How to transport a cargo bike on vacation

You've come to rely on your cargo bike at home and would prefer to have it when you travel, too. After all, nothing else rides like your own cargo bike. But it's indeed a bit tougher to transport a cargo bike than a normal bike. For example, due to its weight, you can't transport a cargo bike using a trailer hitch or on the roof of your car. Luckily, there are other ways to transport your cargo bike so that you have it at your vacation destination. We'll share the dos and don'ts!

Taking your dog on the bike, why not?

You've probably seen those bicycles about: Babboe's cargo bikes. All those children in the box, singing; all very cute of course, but did you know there are also special cargo bikes for dogs? Because dogs also enjoy being carried around in (cargo) bikes. Ears flapping, tail wagging and tongue panting. Can you picture it in fact?

Looking for a cargo bike? Choose the best Dutch cargo bike brand!

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in both the big cities and the countryside. They are an urban status symbol for environmentally aware parents. If you want to buy a cargo bike, there are a few things to consider.

Dog cargo bikes