Three wheel based - Cargo Tricycles

The most stable version of cargo bikes, it will let you transport your toddlers safely to school or to any other locations.

An ordinary cargo bike with three wheels has two wheels in front and one in the rear. To steer the 3-wheel based cargo bikes you have to turn the entire box, which is located on top of the two front wheels. Keeping your posture straight and sometimes letting go of the steering wheel will prevent cycling on two wheels.

The box can be open to transport children or pets for instance, but it can also be closed and it will be ideal to transport all types of freight, like your groseries!

The advantages of a 3-wheel based Bakfiets are:

  • - Extremely stable. The cargo bike cannot tip over, toddlers can climb in and out without problems,
  • - The Babboe Cargo Bikes are fitted with belts, they will keep your children from harm,
  • - The two benches provide space for four children and some groceries,
  • - Parking your car is difficult sometimes, parking a Cargo Bike is relative simple,
  • - Affordable! Prices from £1.299,-
  • - You have more control over the children in front compared to a trailer in the back,
  • - Can be assembled with an electric motor, take a look at our Electric Cargo Bikes


Our three wheel based cargo bikes:

Babboe Big
Cargo Bike Babboe Big

Babboe Electric Big
Cargo Bike Babboe Big-E

Babboe Curve
Cargo Bike Babboe Curve

Babboe Curve Electric
Cargo Bike Babboe Curve-E

Babboe Transporter
Cargo Bike Babboe Transporter

Babboe Electric Transporter
Cargo Bike Babboe Transporter-E

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