The chain lock comes in two lengths: short (100 cm) and extra long (180 cm). It will fit anywhere, making it ideal for your cargo bike! 2 keys are supplied with each lock.


Brand AXA


Lock brand AXA

Accessories & Parts

Category Safety
Including Spare key
Material Steel
Guarantee 6 months
Suitable for cargo bike variant Big, Big-E, City, City-E, City Mountain, Curve, Curve-E, Curve Mountain, Mini, Mini-E, Mini Mountain, Carve-E, Carve Mountain, Dog, Dog-E, Max-E, Slim Mountain, Pro Bike, Pro Bike-E, Pro Bike Midmotor, Pro Trike, Pro Trike-E, Pro Trike XL Midmotor, Pro Bike Flightcase, Pro Bike Flightcase-E, Pro Bike Flightcase Midmotor, Go, Go-E, Go Mountain, Flow-E, Flow Mountain
Questions from customers
Is a chain lock necessary for cargo bike insurance?
No, the standard frame lock of the cargo bike is ART certified and sufficient for cargo bike insurance. We do recommend a chain lock to prevent theft. You can then easily secure the cargo bike to a fence or lamppost.
AXA chain lock Linq
AXA chain lock Linq
As low as 42.50
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