Make sure you can be seen in the dark! Stay visible with these reflective cargo bike stickers. Place them, for example, on the edges of the cargo box, letting others on the road see that you're broader than a regular bike. These little circles light up when light shines on them in the dark.


Weight (kg) 0.1
Category Cargo bike stickers
Reflective No
Guarantee 6 months
Suitable for cargo bike variant Big, Big-E, City, City-E, City Mountain, Curve, Curve-E, Curve Mountain, Mini, Mini-E, Mini Mountain, Carve-E, Carve Mountain, Dog, Dog-E, Max-E, Slim Mountain, Pro Bike, Pro Bike-E, Pro Bike Midmotor, Pro Trike, Pro Trike-E, Pro Trike XL Midmotor, Pro Bike Flightcase, Pro Bike Flightcase-E, Pro Bike Flightcase Midmotor, Go, Go-E, Go Mountain, Flow-E, Flow Mountain
Brand Babboe
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Instructions on cargo bike decals / stickers
Interested in ordering a decal with your own design or photo? Wonderful! Carefully read how to best go about this in order to achieve the best possible results. We wouldn’t want you to end up with decals produced from a photo that isn’t completely sharp...
Babboe reflective cargo bike stickers rondjes
Babboe reflective cargo bike stickers rondjes
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