A cargo bike for dogs - How cool is that?!

Cargo bike for dogs

Many kids love dogs. They're loyal comrades who always have time to cuddle or listen to their stories. Naturally, canine-loving kids spend a lot of time with their dogs, thinking about what makes them happy andplaying with their companion on a daily basis. This helps child and dog solidify their bond. Watching this bond grow between your child and their dog is very gratifying as a parent.

However, taking the dog and the kids out together can be a challenge. If the dog starts tugging on his leash, he can pull you along. And if you're also pushing a stroller.... Yeah, you can see where this is going.

Fortunately, there's a cargo bike for dogs AND kids that lets you all to venture out together. Bike together through the forest, to the lake, to your dog's favorite park. Taking your dog out while pushing a stroller is no problem. And on the way back, your child can tell their canine companion everything while you bike them both. A cargo full of happiness!

Cargo bikes for dogs 

The best cargo bike for dogs is the Babboe Dog or the Babboe Go. Both cargo bikes have a bench that fits two children. As the name implies, the Babboe Dog has room for a dog – or two! Guaranteed companionship, cuddles, and playtime!

The Babboe Dog has a sturdy, robust cargo container with a handy on-ramp. So your dog can climb in and out of the cargo container on their own. An anti-slip mat is available for the floor. This means your dog will have no trouble climbing into the cargo bike, even if they've been swimming and have wet paws. In addition, there are two convenient places to secure your dog's leash, to keep them safely inside the cargo container.

The Babboe Go has a handy door on the front of the cargo container. This little door makes it easy for a dog to climb in. Kids of course also enjoy climbing in via this little gate. The 7-speed Babboe Go also has luxe steering dampers, extra-thick spokes, three-point seatbelts, disc brakes, a parking brake, and double headlights.

And, the Babboe Dog and Babboe Go are of course both available with electric pedaling support. This makes bike rides through the park, woods, or to the beach even more fun, because you'll always have the wind at your back. Can you already picture you, your dog, your child, and your cargo bike? Then come take a test drive to experience for yourself how these bikes build the bond between your kid and their dog!

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