Cargo biking in the winter

Bakfietsen in de winter

Do you cargo bike during the winter months? Just like motorcyclists, cargo bike moms fall into two camps: fair-weather riders, and all-weather riders. Unlike the first group, the second doesn't get put off by chilly rain or wind. Whichever camp you fall into, one thing remains true: there's a big difference between riding your cargo bike in the summer and the winter. We have some tips on how to get through the winter with your cargo bike.

How do you keep your kids warm?

Of course, you need to bundle your kids up before buckling them into your cargo bike in the wintertime. With a nice, warm scarf and hat when it gets really cold. Keep your kids out of the wind when you bike with the rain tent. This will keep them warm, and then even the youngest won't be bothered by the wind rushing by their ears. If your little one uses a toddler seat, then you can add a toddler seat blanket to keep them warm and snuggly. If you have older kids, then grab them a nice fleece blanket to keep them warm.

Is your cargo bike winter-ready?

Happy kids, now that you're still riding your cargo bike. Has it happened to you, that your cargo bike won't move after a cold night, or the brakes stop working? Your brake cables are probably frozen. This is not an uncommon issue for bikes, caused by moisture in the brake cables. On a summery day you won't even notice, but in the winter it's a different story. Mechanic Jan van Babboe has a few useful tips to prevent your brakes from freezing. If your bike has picked up some white grime and lost its shine after some rides through the snow, then carefully spray the bike clean and wipe it dry with a soft, dry towel.

Electric cargo bikes in the winter

Do you have an electric cargo bike? Make sure you store your battery in a frost-free place. Even if you're about to go biking, or are charging your battery, your battery will function best at room temperature. For more information, visit "How do I maintain an electric cargo bike battery?"

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