Taking your dog on the bike, why not?

Dog on the bike

You've probably seen those bicycles about: Babboe's cargo bikes. All those children in the box, singing; all very cute of course, but did you know there are also special cargo bikes for dogs? Because dogs also enjoy being carried around in (cargo) bikes. Ears flapping, tail wagging and tongue panting. Can you picture it in fact?

Plenty of room in the box

It is not always easy for dog owners to carry a dog on a bike. Some dogs are just too big for the basket on your bicycle. Indeed, if you have several dogs, it will be even more difficult to carry them around. Dogs on leashes running alongside bicycles is not always practical, either. Not all roads are suitable for a dog to walk along next to a bicycle. The roads are simply too busy or too narrow. So a cargo bike represents a great solution. Dog in the box and cycle off. Most dogs find riding on a bike once they get used to it, like partying on wheels!

Go anywhere

Cycle off to the forest, heath or beach with the dog in the cargo bike, and let it run around and play when you get there. An (electric) cargo bike will take you other places, too. You enjoy much greater range with a cargo bike, and you can cycle to places to go for a walk. Meaning you can easily get to a forest or nature reserve in your area that would be just a bit too far on foot. Not just handy for you as a dog owner, but the dog also loves sitting in the box and looking around. Lovely in the fresh air.

Two models are suitable: Babboe Dog & Babboe Go

Babboe has 2 different cargo bike models suitable for dogs. These are the Babboe Dog and the Babboe Go. Both models are of course available with electric pedal assistance. So it doesn't matter if your bike is fully loaded: you always have tailwind. Hills, high bridges and strong headwinds are no problem with an electric cargo bike. You just turn up the assistance a tad, and happily pedal on.

The Babboe Dog comes with a tough, sturdy box with room for two (large) dogs. This cargo bike also comes with a folding seat as standard, so you could also carry 2 children. Thanks to the handy ramp at the front, dogs can walk in and out of the dog cargo bike by themselves. This is perfect for big, heavy dogs.

The Babboe Go comes with a curved box, and is based on the Babboe Curve family cargo bike. As an extra feature, the Babboe Go has a handy door at the front of the box. Dogs can easily get in by themselves via the door. Not only for the dog, since this door is also great fun for children and handy when climbing aboard. The box comes with 1 fixed seat, making the cargo bike also suitable for 1 or 2 children. So the Babboe Go is ideal for households with children - and, of course, the dog!

Would you like to try a test ride?

Are you looking to carry your dog farther afield, to walk there more often? Then drop by and take a test ride with us. Your dog(s) are more than welcome to try the experience of sitting in a real dog cargo bike.

View the quickest way to take a test ride here >

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