My electric dog cargo bike and i

My electric dog cargo bike and i

Know that feeling of being so proud of something that you want to share it with everyone? Of your electric dog cargo bike for example? No doubt you can't do without it any more. Your cargo bike goes where you go, and you go where your cargo bike goes. You and your electric dog cargo bike are inseparable. But why?

Suppose you're a great fan of the outdoors and you'd really love to spend more time out and about with your dog, then the electric dog cargo bike is ideal. With a cargo bike for dogs, your dog doesn't have to wear their paws out running alongside the bike on the way to the dog-walking area. And the dog cargo bike means you can both navigate traffic safely. Your dog stays in the box happily enjoying the fresh breeze and their flapping ears.

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Another nice thing about the electric dog cargo bike is that your dog can lie down or sit in the box in front of you. So you can see what they're doing and you have eye-contact. You can see the dog enjoying the ride and you in turn can enjoy that to the full. Once reaching a lake some kilometres away, your dog can let off steam as much as they want then collapse in the cargo bike, totally exhausted. And thanks to the electric support, you can bike back home effortlessly after such a long walk. Because that boost in the back is really great with a heavily loaded box.

Having to lift your dog is a task of the past with the low entry for your dog using the door on the Babboe Go, or the gangway on the Babboe Dog. The box also has handy fastening points for the dog's leash, so your dog stays safely sitting in the box. Even with a restless dog, your three-wheeler cargo bike stays stable and comfortable to ride.

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Have two dogs? No problem, they'll easily fit in a dog cargo bike. Or what about carrying a child with a dog? That's no problem either, thanks to the folding bench in the box. And you can also carry other stuff, like the weekly shopping. So there you have it, an electric dog cargo bike is not only a fun experience for your dog, but for you too!

Are you and your electric dog cargo bike inseparable as well? Then please show us. Share your #babboemoment on Instagram and tag @babboe_cargobike. We look forward to soon seeing your photo on our website!

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