The BrabantWonen electric service bike

The BrabantWonen electric service bike
Babboe Pro

A quick and easy way to sustainably take care of minor repairs in the city!

Who is BrabantWonen?

BrabantWonen is a housing corporation operating in the Netherlands with about 15,000 rental properties. The organization believes it is important to work from a passionate involvement with society, with respect for people and the environment. In 2020, BrabantWonen received the World-class Workplace certification.

What does BrabantWonen want?

BrabantWonen is constantly looking for ways to make the provision of services more sustainable. Their employees are also given the latitude to provide input. One of their mechanics, for example, indicated he wanted to exchange his car for an electric service bike to go to renters and take care of small repairs. BrabantWonen fulfilled his request and got him the Babboe Pro Trike XL.

This way, BrabantWonen makes a positive contribution through the CO2-neutral use of bikes for short distances and the company shows more involvement with society. Moreover, it cuts down on parking fees.

What does Babboe Pro offer?

The Babboe Pro Trike XL seems to be the perfect solution for BrabantWonen. The large box can hold all the materials the mechanic needs for both minor or major servicing. In 2019, BrabantWonen started a pilot program with 1 bike. The program was successful and expanded. By replacing the car with the Trike XL, the mechanic no longer has to deal with parking issues, he reaches his location in a quick and flexible way and it takes another car off city center streets. Moreover, BrabantWonen noticed that the total costs of ownership are lower than the costs for a car, and it is healthier for the mechanic.

What is BrabantWonen's view on Babboe Pro?

"The bike was developed based on my point of view. We focused on the supply of materials. The nice thing is that most of the materials I work with fit perfectly in the box. For bigger jobs I still use the van. But that's a deliberate choice. However, I usually take the bike, as I can take care of most of the jobs with it. I no longer have parking issues and the renters think it's wonderful too. It's great that I can take the bike now. I really enjoy it!"

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