Tips to get your cargo bike ready for summer

Cargo bike summer tips

The sun is starting to shine again and the flowers are in bloom: the perfect time to take your cargo bike for a ride! Here are 7 tips to get your cargo bike ready for the summer.

1. Clean your cargo bike

Time for a thorough summer clean! By cleaning your bike regularly, you also maintain the parts of your cargo bike. This will prolong the life of your cargo bike. We explain to you in the video below how to get your bike ready for the cycling season with a few simple steps. All you need for this is a clean cloth, Bike Protector and Bike Cleaner.

2. Check your tyres

Check your cargo bike's tyre pressure with a bicycle pump with pressure gauge. Are your tyres in need of replacement? In this videowe explain where to find the size of your tyre so you can easily order a new set. The desired tyre pressure of your front and rear tyres is between 3.5 and 4 bar. In winter, your tyres can be a little softer for better grip, while in summer they can be inflated a little harder.

3. Check your battery

Hopefully, you removed the battery from the e-bike during the winter months and stored it at room temperature. Indeed, this is beneficial for the lifespan of this sensitive part. When you don't use the battery for a while, it drains by itself. So keep in mind to first connect the electric bike to the charger when you first start cycling after winter. For optimum action radius, fully charge the battery. Once the green light comes on, there's nothing to stop you from having a nice bike ride.

4. Check your bike chain

Treat the bike chain with a special chain spray and clean it. Lubricate the cargo bike's chain and rotate the chain all the way around to spread the spray well. In the video below, we explain how to easily maintain your bike chain.

5. Use a coat protector

Nice weather also means wearing summer clothes and long dresses. One disadvantage of long dresses on a bike, is that the dress can get caught between your spokes and wheels. Very frustrating! With the Babboe dress guard you won't be bothered by this, and you will prevent clothes from getting caught between your spokes.

Babboe dress guard

6. Schedule a service

Schedule a service so a bike mechanic can check various parts, such as the brakes, brake cables, brake pads, spokes and lighting.

7. Do the child seats still fit?

Has it been a while since your children have been in the cargo bike? See if the children are ready for a new child seat that is age-appropriate. From 8 months, children can already be transported in the toddler seat. Children from 18 months can use the little kid seat or cargo bike cushions.

Bakfiets accessories

With these tips, you can have a great time riding your cargo bike in summer. Enjoy cycling and fresh air while cycling with your cargo bike. Go out and find beautiful spots in the neighbourhood. Take an outdoor plaid rugto the playground or grassy field and your kids will have a fun place to play. Have fun this summer!

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