Weight of a cargo bike

Weight of a cargo bike

A cargo bike is heavier than a normal bike, but you won't find this particularly noticeable. If you're cycling uphill, you'll need more pedalling power. Going downhill, you'll need more braking power. When you're riding an electric cargo bike, the pedal support feels like a push in the back.

What is the weight of a cargo bike?

A cargo bike with no battery weighs around 60 to 65 kg. An electric cargo bike weighs about 6 to 10 kg more than a non-electric cargo bike. This difference in weight is a result of all the electrical parts, the battery and the support motor. Fortunately, the powerful pedal assistance means you won't notice that the weight of an electric cargo bike is higher. It allows you to push off without difficulty.

Does an electric cargo bike feel heavy to ride?

An electric cargo bike doesn't feel heavy to ride, as the pedal assistance provides a smooth cycling experience. The centre of gravity for a cargo bike with a mid-drive motor is in the middle of the cargo bike, where the support motor is incorporated into the bottom bracket. The centre of gravity is low and centred. This ensures good road holding and the most natural and stable driving experience. On cargo bikes with a rear-wheel motor, the support motor is located in the rear wheel. This means the weight and centre of gravity are also at the rear of the bike.

How do you distribute weight in the cargo bike?

It's advisable to distribute weight properly in your cargo bike. If children and/or dogs move around a lot in the cargo bike, you'll feel it while cycling. For the best weight distribution, they should sit on the bench on the steering side. If you're taking groceries in the cargo bike, place your shopping bag in the bottom of the cargo bike rather than on the bench. This lowers the centre of gravity and makes it much easier to cycle.

How much weight can the cargo bike carry?

  • A two-wheeled cargo bike has a maximum load capacity of 80 kg in the box.
  • A three-wheeler has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg in the box
  • And our largest cargo bike, the Babboe Max, has a load capacity of up to 150 kg in the box
  • The maximum weight on the saddle is 100 kg.

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The weight affects the action radius

If you're going to ride a non-electric cargo bike cycle with a full box, you'll have to work hard to pedal. That makes sense, but with an electric cargo bike you don't have to pedal harder. The assist motor does the heavy work for you.

The weight in the cargo bike affects the action radius. The higher the weight in the cargo bike, the harder the electric motor has to work and the lower the action radius will be.

How much does the cargo bike battery weigh?

A lithium-ion battery of a cargo bike weighs about 3 kilograms on average. These light batteries are easier to use due to the low self-discharge. A battery with a larger capacity is also heavier than a battery with a smaller capacity.

Cargo bike battery weight

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