Which is the best cargo bike for 3 kids?

Cargo bike for 3 kids: Find the perfect model for your family

Proud mum or dad of 3 children and want to use a cargo bike to transport your kids? A Babboe cargo bike for 3 children is the optimal solution for your family. A cargo bike for 3 kids can even replace your car, since it can carry not just your children, but also their bags for day care or your shopping. Children love riding in cargo bikes. With several children in the cargo box, it never gets boring. Which is the best cargo bike for 3 children? Babboe has several models suitable for transporting 3 children. These cargo bikes have a second bench to allow at least 3 children to ride in the box.

Proven and sturdy cargo bike for 3 kids: Babboe Big

The Babboe Big was the first cargo bike launched by Babboe. It is a proven and reliable model that is loved by families with 3 children. The three-wheeled Babboe Big comes with a second bench as standard. Two children can sit side-by-side on each bench. If you have a baby, you can safely place him or her in the Babboe carrycot, which can be mounted on the driver's side bench.

Hip design with round shapes: Babboe Curve

The Babboe Curve features a curvy design with round shapes. As a more modern version of the Babboe Big, its design has been further developed in some ways. For example, it features higher quality brakes, extra wide tires, and allows the children to enter and exit on their own with small, non-slip footboards. In addition, a Maxi Cosi bracket can be mounted to the Babboe Curve. This way you can have baby riding in the Maxi Cosi on one bench and two additional children sitting opposite. Of course, if you prefer the carrycot, you can also use it on the Babboe Curve.

For sporty drivers, the cargo box with tilting technology: Babboe Carve

Another cargo bike for 3 kids is the Babboe Carve. Thanks to the unique "carving" technique, the transport box moves with the bike as it curves. This makes riding with the Babboe Carve a unique experience. Due to the slightly smaller second seat, this cargo bike, unlike the others, can only hold a maximum of 3 children.

Agile city bike with 2 wheels: Babboe City

Do you prefer a single-lane cargo bike and still want to take 3 children along? Then the spacious Babboe City is ideal. It is narrower than the tricycles mentioned above and rides much like a normal bike. It comes standard with a single bench, but can be extended with a Maxi Cosi bracket to accommodate 3 children. If your children can already sit up, you can simply mount the second seat in Babboe City, allowing you to transport up to 4 children.

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