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My Babboe cargo bike and in Christchurch

Make a test ride in Christchurch

Would you like to test a Babboe Cargo Bike? Vistit our Babboe Cargo Bike reseller in Christchurch for a test ride.

Cargo bike shop in Christchurch: 
Kids and Family Cycles Company   
30 Seaway Avenue
BH23 4EX Christchurch, Dorset 
Tel. 01425270774

I can carry my children, their school bags and the groceries in my Babboe Cargo Bike

"Not only can I carry my children, their school bags and the groceries, but most importantly I have great peace of mind having all my children in sight". Mom Coreen

Why a cargo bike?

A cargo bike gives you valuable memories with your loved ones in everyday life. You can take your children safely, relaxed and in an environmentally friendly way to school, the supermarket, Margaret Mahy or Hagley Park. In a cargo bike your children are seated in front of you, in this way you can not only see and enjoy your kids, you can also keep an eye on them. Besides that, you will always find a parking spot and cycle through the daily traffic jam in Christchurch! 

Other reasons why a cargo bike is right for you

Babboe Cargo bikes are quality, safe and comfortable cargo bikes.

Why a Babboe Cargo Bike?

What makes a good, safe and quality cargo bike? With this in mind, we have developed all our Babboe Cargo bikes: 
based on the experience of young parents 
very comfortable and cycling takes little effort
available with electric assistance
tested for safety and durability by testing authorities SGS & TÜV 

Our Babboe Cargo Bike Models

Babboe City Mountain cargo bike
Babboe Curve Mountain cargo bike
Babboe Dog cargo bike
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