Cargo Bike cushions

When your little ones are old enough to sit independently in the cargo bike, they will love sitting on comfortable cushions. The Babboe cargo bike cushions are nice and soft to sit on and they look fun too! Looking to order cushions or a seat for your cargo bike? Click the button below to go to our online shop.

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Cushions in the cargo bike

Cargo bike Cushions BabboeBabboe cargo bike cushionsA soft and comfortable ride for your little ones thanks to the Babboe cargo bike cushions. The cargo bike cushions consist of a back and seat cushion. The loose cushions can be used in the Babboe City/Mini, Babboe Curve and Babboe Carve. The cargo bike cushions are available in different patterns. They’re not only comfortable, they also look great in your cargo bike! At Babboe there’s something for everybody! If you have a fun suggestion for a pattern, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Seat in the cargo bike

Seat cargo bikeIs your little one not quite ready yet to sit independently on the bench? You could opt for a little kid seat. These seats increase stability. A little kid seat is ideal for children who are transitioning from a toddler seat to simply sitting on the bench. This seat fits every cargo bike model. Two of these seats fit side-by-side in the Babboe Big. A little kid seat can also be installed next to a baby seat or toddler seat in the Babboe Big. Due to the Babboe City’s and Curve’s rounded corners, only one seat can be installed per bench in these models.


Babboe Big set of cushions

Cushions Babboe Big cargo bikeA set of cushions is available especially for the Babboe Big. The set covers both benches of the Babboe Big. Special rolls have been developed for the bar at the front of the box, the pattern on the rolls matches the cargo bike cushions. The cushions sets for the Babboe Big are available in different patterns. Choose between red with white dots, camouflage, grey or stars.

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