Can you mount a kid's bike seat onto the rear carrier of a cargo bike?

From a safety point of view, we do not recommend mounting a bike seat onto the rear carrier of a cargo bike. The rear carriers have a maximum load and are therefore not sturdy enough to carry older kids in particular. Transporting children on the rear carrier without a bike seat isn't recommended either. The best and safest way to transport children is to have them take a seat in the box of the cargo bike.

Rear carrier maximum load

The maximum load of the rear carrier is 20 kg. Anything above this weight may cause metal fatigue which may result in dangerous situations. The battery weight (+/- 4 kg) has already been deducted from the maximum load. The cargo bike's rear carrier has been tested and approved by an independent quality institute.

Rear carrier maximum load

Bike bag

A bike bag suits the cargo bike's rear carrier very well. The battery is incorporated in the rear carrier of an electric cargo bike. Keep this in mind when buying a bike bag, as not every bike bag can be attached to a rear carrier with a battery. There won't be enough space to attach the bike bag. Make sure not to exceed the maximum load.

Kids in the cargo bike, not on the rear carrier

At Babboe we believe it's important to have the children sitting in front of you, so you can keep an eye on them. The fact that children 'participate' in traffic from a young age is an added advantage. When a child sits on the rear carrier, he or she faces the cyclist's back and doesn't see as much of the surrounding traffic. Not very instructive!

Kids in the cargo bike, not on the rear carrier

Advantages of taking children along in the cargo bike:

  • Children are able to observe a lot more while sitting in the cargo bike
  • With the rain tent, children will be dry and protected from the elements
  • Children are well protected thanks to the high panels on the box
  • A cargo bike offers more options, you can use a Maxi-Cosi carrier, baby seat or even a toddler seat
  • Children are safe in the cargo bike. No risks of getting hands or feet caught in the spokes


One of the most common bike accidents involving children are little feet getting caught in the spokes Spoke accidents are eliminated when children are safely transported in the cargo bike.

Coat protector

A coat protector prevents your clothes (trouser legs, dress/skirt or bag) from being caught in the rear wheel spokes.