How do I clean my rain tent?

Rain tents on cargo bikes need to be tough. Rain tents can be used all year round to protect against rain, wind, cold, hail and snow. Below is some advice for keeping your rain tent in good condition.

Cleaning the rain tent fabric

The rain tent fabric can get dirty over time. Just brushing the rain tent with a soft brush is often all it takes to get it clean. Found a few awkward stains? Just use a soft brush and some warm water.

Cleaning the rain tent fabric

Removing bird droppings from your rain tent

Try to remove bird droppings as soon as possible. The sooner these are removed, the better. Scrape or wipe off as much as you can. Wash off any remaining bird dropping stains using plenty of lukewarm water. If the stain has dried out but gone a bit white, just leave it as is. The sun and rain will automatically make any remaining bird dropping stains fade away from your rain tent.

If you do decide to use a tent cleaner, bear in mind that the rain tent might need to be treated again. By using just warm water and a soft brush, you can make sure the rain tent stays waterproof.

Please note:

  • Do not use chemical cleaning agents such as (green) soap or a general cleaner. These substances can damage the coating and the water-repellent layer.
  • Never put the rain tent in the washing machine, as this can affect the water-repellent layer.

Cleaning the window panels on the rain tent

Window panels on the rain tent can be cleaned using a little washing-up liquid. Window panels on older rain tents would sometimes discolor. Today, Babboe rain tents no longer discolor.

Cleaning the window panels on the rain tent

Folding up a rain tent

It is best to close the window panels before folding up a rain tent. Also, make sure the rain tent window panels are not folded over, to avoid creasing or tearing.

Storing away the rain tent

It is important the rain tent is clean and dry before you put it away, to stop mold growing. Store the rain tent away somewhere dry with good ventilation.

Tidying away a wet rain tent

Sometimes you get home and the rain tent is all wet. Luckily, your kids will have stayed dry inside the cargo bike! It is a good idea to let the rain tent dry off thoroughly if it has gotten wet. This helps stop mold growing.

Do not roll the windows up on the cargo bike, but do leave the zippers open. This ensures the rain tent is well ventilated. Only tidy the rain tent away once it has thoroughly dried out.

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