How do I prevent sun cream stains on my cargo bike?

The key is to slather yourself well in sun cream if you're planning on cycling in the sun. But did you know that sun cream can stain your cargo bike? Certain chemicals in sun cream can stain. The higher the sun cream factor, the more stubborn the stains can be.

A few tips to prevent stains:

  • Wash your hands really well once you've applied the sun cream.
  • Let the sun cream fully absorb before the kids get on the cargo bike. So, give yourself plenty of time to apply it!
  • Get your kids to sit on a cargo bike cushion, so they aren't resting their legs smeared with sun cream directly on the bench.
But, if you still get a stain on your cargo bike, try to remove it with a microfibre cloth as quickly as you can. The longer the sun cream has to absorb, the harder it'll be to remove the stain.