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What happens if I order products that have different delivery times?
When products with different delivery times are ordered in one order, the products that are already in stock are sent first. The other products will be sent as soon as they are available. So, you will receive the products separately. Cargo bike with...
Why does it take so long to deliver cargo bikes?
Cargo bikes are extremely popular, and cycling has only gotten more popular since the start of the pandemic. Naturally, during this time when we're all sitting at home, taking a bike trip with the kids or dog is a welcome escape. As much as we'd like...
What are the delivery times at Babboe?
Longer delivery times due to COVID-19 The delivery time for a Babboe cargo bike is currently longer than usual. The coronavirus pandemic has made things very busy at our factory and our suppliers. We are doing everything we can to get your cargo bike...
What does "unknown delivery time" mean?

If the expected delivery time is not known, this means we unfortunately do not know exactly when we can deliver the product. In theory, delivery can take up to several months.

The reasons is that we are dependent on third parties, such as supplies, mail delivery services and transport companies. In this case, we are unable to predict when exactly the product will be back in stock.