Tips for riding a cargo bike

Riding a bakfiets cargo bike is not hard, but it is different than riding a regular bike. To give you some tips, we have created several videos. This way you will definitely get the hang of it! If you don't own a bakfiets cargo bike (yet), but are interested in one, view our products in the online shop or have a look around our website to find out which bakfiets cargo bike best suits you.

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Tips: riding a 3 wheel bakfiets cargo bike

It takes some getting used to riding a three-wheeler. Especially taking corners is different than what you're used to on a regular bike. To lend you a hand, we offer several tips for riding a cargo bike. Read these cargo bike tips and watch the instruction video.

Taking corners on a 3 wheel cargo bike

  • When taking a corner, turn the handlebar away from you and slightly lean your upper body into the curve.
  • Take wide curves, the turning circle of a cargo bike is much larger than a standard bike.
  • In order to keep control over the 3 wheel cargo bike, don't take corners too fast.
  • When the road slopes slightly, lean your body towards the high side of the road.
  • Try to look ahead as much as possible so you can plan your actions, such as taking a corner.
  • In case of any bumps in the road, correct with your body.
  • In very sharp turns, release the outer hand (Remember to keep this hand near the brakes, in case you need to brake immediately), so that you do not over-lean.

Tips: riding a 2 wheel bakfiets cargo bike

Riding a two-wheeler is almost like riding a regular bike. The steering movement is almost the same, however the front wheel is located farther away from you than on a regular bike.

When riding a 2 wheel cargo bike, look ahead of you and not at the front wheel.

Using the kickstand on a two-wheeler

  1. Stand on the left side of the handlebar next to the cargo bike
  2. Engage the brakes so that you can easily put your left foot on the top protruding part of the kickstand
  3. Ensure both feet of the stand touch the ground
  4. Turn the handlebar to the right so that it doesn't touch your belly when pulling it towards you
  5. Release the brakes and pull the handlebar towards you
  6. Now the Babboe cargo bike sits firmly on the stand, enabling children to get in and out

To remove the two-wheeler from the kickstand, hold the handlebar with both hands and push the cargo bike forward so that the stand folds up. The kickstand will remain in this position while cycling.

Tips: riding a Babboe Carve

Riding a Babboe Carve offers a unique cycling experience. Despite the two front wheels, the Babboe Carve handles much like a regular bike. You already have all the skills, you just need to apply them to the Babboe Carve.

We have a number of bakfiets cargo bike tips for you, so you can get the most out of the cycling experience:

  • Speed up: as with a regular bike, it is easier to keep your balance when you have speed.
  • Look ahead: Do not look down at the box or the front wheels, this disrupts your balance.
  • Lean in: Lean into the bends with your body while steering. Keeping the cargo bike and your body upright in bends is difficult and also awkward.
  • Push down on the handlebar: Start taking the bend by pushing the handlebar downwards on the side of the bend.
  • Countersteering: With long bends, first steer briefly to the opposite side to start taking the bend. As with a regular bike, your body will automatically lean towards/end up on the correct side of the cargo bike.
  • Have patience: Take your time, even if you don't succeed right away. Not everyone gets the carving feeling as quickly. The same applies to riding a standard bicycle: once you get it, you won't forget it.

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General tips for riding a bakfiets cargo bike


Get acquainted with the characteristics of the bakfiets cargo bike, therefore take it for a test ride in a quiet place first. Practice makes perfect, this also applies to cargo bikes.


Make sure there's always enough room when turning. A cargo bike's turning circle is much larger than the one of a regular bicycle. Do you want to turn a three-wheel cargo bike around in its place? First get off, hold the handlebars with one hand and then lift the rear carrier with the other hand. Turn the three-wheeler on the two front wheels only. The center of gravity is at the box, so lifting the rear carrier is easy.

Speed bumps

Take speed bumps straight on and not at an angle. Do it at low speed. This is the best way to keep the cargo bike in balance.

Getting on & taking off

Babboe cargo bikes are made in such a way that children can easily get in and out. The two-wheel cargo bikes have so-called 'mouse holes' and the three-wheel cargo bikes have steps on the outside the box.

A three-wheel cargo bike has a parking brake; use the brake when getting on and off and when children are getting in and out.


  • Do you want to be seen in the dark? Make sure the three-wheeler is clearly visible by using striking box decals or reflective stickers, for example
  • Don't allow your children to stand in the cargo bike.
  • Make sure children don't stick their hands out the box, in case of a collision or posts along the road, for example.
  • Make sure your children can't reach the spokes with their hands while sitting in the box.
  • Keep in mind that your child is sitting low, so don't stop next to a car or lorry with exhaust fumes at the traffic light, for example.


Cargo bikes are a lot heavier than a standard bike, which means more power is needed to brake.


Cargo bikes are heavier than a regular bike. This means more pedaling effort is required when cycling uphill and even more braking power is needed when cycling downhill.


  • Do not overload the box. The lighter the box, the easier it is to cycle.
  • Luggage should be securely tightened in the box.
  • Use the walking function (walk-assist) on the electric three-wheel cargo bike, when walking the cargo bike. The cargo bike will move alongside you at a walking pace.


  • A cargo bike is wider than a regular bike, but you can see the width, hence keep that in mind when reaching narrow passages.
  • There is more space between the cyclist and the front of the cargo bike, compared to a regular bike. Keep this in mind in traffic.

Tips: bakfiets cargo bike maintenance

Have your tricycle serviced periodically by a Babboe mechanic at home or at an authorised bicycle specialist. For example, brakes, tyres, and the pedal mechanism wear faster than a regular bike due to the extra weight. You can do much of the maintenance yourself as well. We are happy to lend you a helping hand by providing various cargo bike maintenance tips that can be applied when maintaining your cargo bike.

Bakfiets cargo bike test ride

With these tips for riding a cargo bike you now know that it isn't hard to ride a cargo bike. Yet we understand better than anyone that you would want to experience a cargo bike yourself first. That is why we regularly organise cargo bike test ride days. During these test days, you can test ride all Babboe cargo bikes and you'll receive useful tips for riding a cargo bike. Are you already convinced of the convenience of a cargo bike? Then go directly to the online shop.

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