Tips for slippery roads and cargo bikes in the snow

Even when roads have been cleared and gritted, as a biker you often encounter slippery roads. Moreover, all that salt and sand isn't good for your cargo bike. To avoid accidents and possible damage, we offer the following cargo bike tips for riding in winter:

How to cycle with a cargo bike in the snow?

Winter tips for riding a cargo bike

Tip 1: Lower the saddle

Lower your cargo bike saddle somewhat: it's easier for your feet to reach the ground so that you can find support faster when you feel you're going to fall. Also, wear shoes with good traction.

Tip 2: Ride with hard tires

Babboe cargo bike have wide tires for extra grip on the road surface. These wide tires allow you to ride your cargo bike in the snow. The Cyclist Association recommends cyclists to deflate the tires somewhat to make the tires wider. As Babboe cargo bike tires are already wider than regular bicycle tires, this is not required for cargo bikes.

Tip 3: Look ahead

If you keep a close eye on the road surface in front of you, you'll see when there's ice or snow on the road. So pay attention to shimmering cobblestones/asphalt, chances are that there's a layer of ice on those spots.

Tip 4: Be prepared

Check your town's website to see which streets were cleared or gritted properly. This will allow you to plan the best bike route and you won't have to ride your cargo bike through the snow.

Tip 5: Take off in a higher gear

Use the right speed and take off in a higher gear. That way, you'll keep your grip and stability.

Tip 6: Ride in straight lines

Take corners as wide as possible in case of icy or snowy road conditions and try to bike in a straight line. Try to have the least amount of friction in a curve.

Tip 7: Wear warm clothing

Wear warm clothing. This will keep you nice and warm, but if you do fall you won't get hurt as much. Don't forget to war a hat and gloves when riding your cargo bike. If kids are sitting in the cargo bike, install the rain tent. That will keep them warm.

Tip 8: Make sure you are seen

Proper lighting is essential in winter. Check whether the front and rear lights are working.

Tips cargo bike in the snow

Cargo bike maintenance tips in case of cold weather

Maintenance tip 1: use a broom to remove snow

Did you ride your cargo bike through the snow? Then remove snow and salt. If salt gets into the wheel, brake pads and/or gears, it may cause issues later on. So give the wheels a quick brush to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Maintenance tip 2: lubricate the brake cables

Do the brakes or gears on your cargo bike freeze? This can be prevented if you apply a layer of grease on the brake and gear cables on a regular basis. Babboe cargo bikes love being taken care of and with a bit of lubricating spray the cargo bike will be ready to go every morning.

Maintenance tip 3: store the battery indoors

Always store your electric cargo bike's battery indoors when temperatures are low. The low temperatures may cause the cargo bike battery to have less power and a reduced action radius.

Maintenance tip 4: store the rain tent indoors

Just like the cargo bike battery, the rain tent doesn't like low temperatures either, especially when the rain tent is still wet. Protect the cargo bike rain tent from frost to prevent damage.