Which keys for my cargo bike can I re-order?

Of course it can occur that you lose a key or need an extra set. If it concerns the keys of the frame lock, you can order them from the manufacturer's website.

Ring lock
To re-order a key, you will need the key number. This is engraved in the steel of the key. For the manufacturers listed below, you can reorder the key for the ring lock on the websites.


Don't have a key on hand at all, but you have insured the bike? Then you can find the number on the insurance papers. This is because when you insure the bike, you need to provide the key number. Without the key number, you will have to fit a new ring lock.

Battery lock
When it comes to the keys for the battery lock, unfortunately, re-ordering is not always an option. Our Mountain bikes use the same keys for both locks, and these can be ordered from the manufacturer. But with an E-bike, you will need to replace the battery lock. New locks can also be re-ordered from the website, but please note the model year of your bike to make sure you order the right one. Not sure or can't figure it out? Then contact Babboe Customer Service.