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A free cycling holiday with the family?

A free cycling holiday with the family?

Interested in taking the family on a free, one-week cycling holiday in May riding the latest Babboe family cargo bike? Willing to share your experiences in a blog or on social media? Love taking beautiful photos and videos? Then you're the person we're looking for!

Babboe Slim Mountain

Cargo bike Babboe Slim

On April 4th 2019, Babboe will be introducing a new electric family cargo bike, the Babboe Slim Mountain. The Babboe Slim Mountain is the perfect mode of transportation to discover the world together with your children right in front of you. With this adventurous family bike you will go on a stunning 1200-kilometre cycling tour through five countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and England.

"Jump on the Babboe Slim and discover the world!"

Are you a parent who’s crazy about cycling and loves a great adventure? Do you love spending as much time as possible biking with your family? Then we’ve found a match!

Good to know:

  • You and your family must be available for 2 weeks during the May holidays
  • You have at least one child who’s 6 years old or younger
  • You have proven experience with cycling holidays
  • You have great English writing skills
  • You will have two electric bikes at your disposal during the travel period
  • You will receive a budget for the entire trip for overnight stays and meals & drinks

What do we expect from you?

  • A daily blog about your experiences (at least 1000 characters)
  • A vlog (at least 6 times during the two weeks)
  • A daily photo report (minimum 4 photos in high resolution)
  • Instagram stories (at least 4 times during the two weeks)
  • A fair review of the Babboe Slim Mountain (upon completion of the cycling holiday)

Your experiences will showcase how fantastic the Babboe Slim Mountain is for long distances. You’ll inspire other bike lovers and you’ll show how to pack the cargo bike. But, most importantly, you love showing how much fun a family cycling holiday can be!

Grab this opportunity and sign up before Sunday 14th of April, and who knows, you may be testing our innovative Babboe Slim Mountain.

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