Why choose for a Dutch cargo bike?

Young families these days have busy lives full of logistical challenges. Back and forth to school, swim lessons or the playground. Of course, you could choose to do it by car or by public transportation. However, there is another alternative that makes your daily life more exciting and easier: the Dutch cargo bike from Babboe.

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Dutch cargo bikes are safe

The German Automobile Association ADAC has named the cargo bike bike the safest way of transporting your children. They compared the cargo bike to a bike trailer (attached to your bicycle) and a bicycle with children’s bike seats. Not only are your children safely seated in the sturdy box in front of you, you can also keep an eye on them. Read more about why many families prefer the cargo bike to a bike trailer: Bike trailer vs. cargo bike? A comparison. Babies as young as 2-3 months can be transported safely in the cargo bike using a Maxi-Cosi carrier.

The Dutch cargo bike is a smart alternative

The Dutch cargo bike is a smart transportation alternative. There’s space for 1 to 4 children plus groceries. A cargo bike is environmentally responsible. Research has shown that more than half of all car journeys are shorter than 4.6 miles and these journeys cause most of the pollution. In the Netherlands alone, the cargo bike as an alternative means of transportation can reduce CO2 emissions by 6% per year. No petrol costs, traffic jams or parking fees.

Last but not least: more quality time

It’s a party on wheels when your children can ride along in the cargo bike. No swaying your bike while trying to balance a child in the front and the back, and heavy groceries dangling from the handlebar. And let’s not forget the exercise you get on a daily basis while cycling in the fresh open air. Singing songs together or chatting away, that’s what we call mobile quality time here at Babboe.

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