Looking for a second hand cargo bike? Find out more

A cargo bike isn't an impulse buy. First, you do a little research and hunt down the best deal. A second-hand cargo bike might even be worth considering. A second-hand cargo bike often isn't cheaper in the long term. Babboe's cargo bikes are high quality. They were designed by parents who wanted affordable cargo bikes without compromising quality. 

Advantages of a new Babboe cargo bike versus a second-hand cargo bike

  • Our cargo bike at-home servicing will keep your bike going longer
  • When buying a new Babboe cargo bike, you'll receive a 5-year warranty
  • The cargo bike has the original but also the newest parts and materials.

Cost of a second-hand cargo bike

Not convinced yet? Take a look at the example bill below. Imagine you've bought a new Babboe Big cargo bike for €1,449. Once your kids are too big to ride in the cargo bike, you sell the cargo bike in an online second-hand market. After four years of use, you get about €600 for it. If you subtract this from the original price, €849 remains. That means you've lost about €212 per year you owned the bike.

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