What different types of cargo bikes are there?

The Long John: a cargo bike with 2 wheels and transport box in front

The Long John cargo bike is, as the name implies, a long cargo bike with 2 wheels. It was invented in Denmark at the end of the 1920s to facilitate the transport of goods by bicycle. The transport box or cargo bed is located behind the front wheel on this bike. It is usually a light cargo bike, allowing for easy manoeuvring around the city. The Long John cargo bike is available both with and without an electric drive. Babboe has two Long John cargo bikes on offer: the Babboe City and the Babboe Mini The difference lies in the length of the transport box. The transport box on the Mini is 20 cm smaller and suitable for 1-2 children. The Babboe Mini is a compact cargo bike that does not take up much more space than a normal bike. The Babboe City transport box can be extended to transport as many as four children by adding a second bench.

Large cargo bike with plenty of space and the stability of a tricycle

Do you have a larger footprint available or prefer the greater stability of a three-wheeled cargo bike? Cargo trikes usually offer generous storage space. The Babboe Big cargo bike is a large cargo bike that can transport up to four children. The three-wheeled Babboe Curve also belongs to the category of large cargo bikes. Both models are also available as e-bikes, letting you move quickly and comfortably despite heavy loads. Last but not least, our absolute bestseller in terms of innovation and design: the Babboe Carve. The best of both worlds: the stability of a three-wheel cargo bike combined with the agility of a two-wheel cargo bike. The ‘carve mechanism’ lets the box tilt with the bike when taking corners, so it feels as if you were riding a two-wheeler. Fun for all the children is guaranteed!

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