Babboe Dog Cargo Bike

The first cargo bike for dogs

Babboe Dog: the cargo bike for dogs 

When you and your dog go everywhere together, the Babboe Dog Cargo Bike will bring you there quick, safe and pollution free. Whether it is going to the park, the beach, the woods or doing groceries. The Babboe Dog Cargo bike is the mobility solution for all types of dogs. For short or longer distances and with maximum biking pleasure for both the dogs and you! 

Other reasons why the Babboe Dog is the cargo bike for dogs

The Babboe Dog in London

"I love cycling and I didn't want to leave my dogs at home. Now when I go shopping, Max & Jack are going with me and they are enjoying every minute of it". 
Dog owner Valerie

Dog Cargo Bike versus Bike Trailer 

Cycling on a cargo bike is much easier and safer then with a bike trailer, it takes less effort and there are no complicated attachments. To make it even easier, the Babboe Dog is even available with electric assistance. The cargo bike is suitable for several dogs plus handy extra's such as groceries or dog toys. The Babboe Dog has a walk-in ramp at the front which enables your dog to walk into the cargo box itself. Thanks to the solid and high woorden panels of the box your dog cannot easily jump out. Because your dogs are seated in front of you, you can have an eye on them. This makes a ride on a cargo bike a lot more fun! 

Other product specifications of the Babboe Dog Cargo Bike

Babboe Cargo Bike is convenient, safe and enjoyable

The mobility solution for your dog

Babboe Dog Cargo Bike:
Market leader of Europe

Suitable for several dogs plus luggage  
Handy walk-in ramp 
Spacious box with safe, high wooden panels 

Available with electric assistance  
SGS & TÜV tested 
5 years Warranty

Our Babboe Dog Cargo Bike Models

Babboe Dog cargo bike
Babboe Dog Electric cargo bike
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