Non-electric cargo bikes

Find all Babboe non-electric cargo bikes here. If you're planning to make short-distance trips daily, then these models are an excellent choice.
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Non-electric cargo bikes for daily use

Non-electric cargo bikes are ideal for those necessary trips in day-to-day life. You quickly bike to the childcare centre or school, go shopping or bring your dog to a nice walking area. You can take fantastic bike rides with a non-electric cargo bike. The number of children you'd like to take is naturally an important factor if you're yet to choose between a non-electric cargo and an electric cargo bike. It's always a good idea to take a test ride with your kids so you can experience at first-hand which model is best for your family.

Advantages of non-electric cargo bikes

A Babboe non-electric cargo bike is very environmentally friendly and in many cases can even replace a (second) car. And biking without a motor is great for your fitness too. Each trip with your kids to a play date or hobby activity means you've once again done something for your health. Lastly, non-electric cargo bikes are usually cheaper than cargo bikes with pedal assistance.