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Electric cargo bikes - We help you on your way

Are you considering purchasing an electric cargo bike? All Babboe electric cargo bikes have a 250 W motor with a 36 Volt battery. The battery has a 24-37 miles range. The exact duration depends on the load in the box, your average pace, and the tyre pressure.

It takes about 4 hours to charge the battery. The maximum speed of an electric bakfiets is 15.5 m/ph. Our electric cargo bikes are all equipped with the super convenient walk-assist mode as well. It allows you to easily move your electric bakfiets, even when you’re not cycling, for example from a bicycle rack to a bicycle path.

Electric cargo bike with super powerful mid-drive motor

Electric cargo bike

Every electric bakfiets by Babboe is also available in a ‘Mountain’ version. The Mountain cargo bike with Yamaha mid-drive motor offers more powerful assistance. These cargo bikes are ideal for longer distances or hilly terrain. The battery has been beautifully integrated into the cargo bike’s design. This version also reaches a speed of 15.5 m/ph and travels a distance of about 24-37 miles.

What are the advantages of an electric cargo bike?

  • Comfort: Cycling light and comfortable, even uphill or with headwind.
  • Ideal for long distances: Traverse long distances easily and effortless.
  • Healthy: Healthy for your body and it improves your endurance, your mileage can go up quickly.
  • Fast: Reach your destination quickly, the electric cargo bikes can go up to 25 km per hour.
  • Environmentally friendly: Economical, the battery is recyclable, no levy on motor vehicle or moped tax.

What is the difference between electric cargo bikes with a rear wheel motor and cargo bikes with a mid-drive motor ('Mountain')?


Babboe has various electric cargo bikes, but what are the actual differences? 

Do you live in a mountainous area or do you regularly cycle up a large hill? Then we recommend the Mountain cargo bike with mid-engine.

Babboe-E Versions Babboe Mountain Versions
Location of the motor
On our standard E versions, the motor is located in the rear wheel. The assistance really makes it feel like you’re cycling with a tailwind. On our Mountain version, the motor is located in the middle. This offers more stability.
Location of the battery
The battery is concealed underneath the rear carrier. Your bike is standard equipped with a rear carrier. The battery is concealed underneath the bench in the box. Your bike is not standard equipped with a rear carrier.
Type of assistance
The bikes with a rear wheel motor are assisted through rotation. Every time you make a full rotation with the pedals, the electric assistance will do its job. Depending on the electric assistance setting, you’ll receive more or less assistance.  Bikes with a motor in the middle provide assistance through power. The more resistance your bike feels, for example when cycling uphill, the more assistance it will provide. 
Electric bikes with a rear wheel motor are equipped with a derailleur. This means you can't shift gears while standing still. Electric bikes with a mid-drive motor have a stepless shifting system. Find any desired gear and even shift gears while standing still.
Which electric cargo bike version should I choose?
Do you frequently ride on even roads with an occasional small bridge? In that case the electric version is probably sufficient for you.  Do you frequently ride on hilly roads with an inclination of more than 3%? Then we would advise you to choose the Mountain version.


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Should I use an electric cargo bikes or a car?

Some people use an electric bakfiets instead of a car. It’s healthy, better for the environment, and it’ll save you money every month. Moreover, it’s fun to have your kids in front of you in the box together. It means you can enjoy nature instead of being stuck in traffic jams.

"The electric Babboe cargo bike is per month more than £360 cheaper than the most economical car!"

Electric cargo bikes v. cars

Citroën C1

Babboe Curve-E

Economical car vs electric Babboe cargo bike
Per month:
Repair: £43,00 £20,00
Fixed charges: £72,00 £8,00
Petrol costs / Electronics: £100,00 £2.50
Maintenance: £92,00 £3.75
Value decrease; £114,00 £24,00
Total: £421,00 £58,25

Source: ADAC 2018