Cargo bikes for urban freight transport

Fast, clean and affordable city tour

The Babboe Pro cargo bikes are the ideal means of transport for fast and clean transportation of goods in the city. All Babboe Pro cargo bikes are available with powerful electric pedal assistance. This makes even transporting heavy loads a breeze.

Why a Babboe Pro cargo bike?

Never fill up with fuel again!

With a cargo bike, you save on fuel costs and road tax every month. With a full battery you can travel 40 to 60 km. Is the battery empty? Simply recharge it and you can get on your way again.

Quickly at your destination

The Babboe Pro cargo bike can be easily parked anywhere. No more searching for a spot. Just park it on the pavement in front of the door! This will quickly save you up to €125,- a week on parking costs.

Drive past all traffic jams

Leaving home early to avoid traffic jams is a thing of the past. With a cargo bike, you can ride past all the hustle and bustle of the city and reach your destination quickly.

A cargo bicycle for every entrepreneur

The Babboe Pro cargo bike is available in 3 different models and comes with and without electrical pedal assistance.


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