With or without electric assistance

All Babboe cargo bikes are available with or without electric pedal assistance. The bike that will suit you best will depend on a number of factors. Do you know yet whether you’ll go for an electric one?

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The convenience of a non-electrical cargo bike

Babboe cargo bikes cycle pretty smoothly, even without electric pedal assistance. If you use your cargo bike for shorter distances, then a Babboe cargo bike without edal assistance is perfect for you. You can take advantage of the space and convenience the cargo bike offers and your children will enjoy their mobile quality time.

Which electric cargo bike will you choose?

Pedal assistance allows you to easily cover longer distances, even in hilly areas. And what about combining your commute with dropping off the children? As soon as the children haven been dropped off at daycare or school, just keep on cycling to work. The question is: which cargo bike to use? Here are Babboe's electric cargo bikes models.

Babboe Big-E

Babboe Big cargo bike electricThe Babboe Big is an electric cargo bike with room for up to four children. The pedal assistance on the electric Babboe Big is simple yet efficient. The powerful motor has a battery with a large action radius. With this electric cargo bike Babboe meets the growing demand for qualitative yet affordable cargo bikes with pedal assistance.


Babboe City-E

Babboe City electric cargo bikeThe Babboe City-E is a two-wheel cargo bike. It combines the agility and lightness of a two-wheel cargo bike with electric pedal assistance, which makes this cargo bike the fastest cargo bike in our assortment. Just like the Babboe Curve, the electric Babboe City is also equipped with a powerful pedal assistance system.


Babboe Curve electric family bike

Babboe Curve-E

Just like the Babboe Big-E, the Babboe Curve-E is also a three-wheel family bike. This electric family bike is suitable for four children. The electric Babboe Curve is equipped with a pedal assistance system. This electric family bike has different modes, including a ‘walking mode’ which makes it easier to push the cargo bike.


Babboe City Mountain electric cargo bike

Babboe Mountain

The Babboe Mountain is an electric cargo bike, powered by a Yamaha mid-drive motor. The Yamaha mid-drive motor is quite a bit more powerful than the motors in our other models. Thanks to the advanced force sensor, the motor adapts to your pedalling force. The bike is also equipped with a NuVinci stepless shifting system. This combination offers a smooth cycling experience and makes the Babboe Mountain particularly suitable for long distances and hilly terrain. The Babboe Mountain is available in a Babboe City, Babboe Curve and Babboe Carve.

Make your Babboe cargo bike an electric one

Do you currently own a non-electric cargo bike? Even so it is possible to turn your cargo bike into an electric one. See whether we can convert your model into a cargo bike with electric pedal assistance or check out the range of new electric cargo bikes in our online shop.

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