Social Media Privacy Policy


Thank you for sharing your #babboemoment with us in a great picture/video. We would like to share your picture on our channels as inspiration for other cargo bike users. By placing the hashtag #YesBabboe underneath your picture, you are consenting to us using your picture for the following:

  • Babboe's social media channels
  • Babboe's website
  • The Babboe magazine and/or our newsletter
  • Advertisements
  • Social walls and/or digital screens in stores

In addition, you declare that:

  • You are the sole owner/rights holder of the content for which you used #babboemoment.
  • You are granting us, Babboe, a non-exclusive commercial right to use the content through our services or the services of third parties and to reproduce said content for commercial purposes. There are no restrictions or limitations attached to this right.
  • Babboe or third parties commissioned by Babboe are permitted to use your work for creating derivative works thereof. You are not entitled to view or approve these derivative works, the advertising text associated with them or the purpose for which they are used.
  • You waive any claims to royalties for your content or for derivative works therefrom.

This is what you will receive in return:

  • Free publicity on Babboe's website and on our social media channels
  • A mention of your Instagram account
  • You will retain ownership of the picture

Where will my picture be shown?

After obtaining your consent, we will place the picture on our webshop, among other locations. You will be able to find your picture on the babboemoment page and on the page of the product you tagged in the picture. The product may no longer be available, which means that your picture will no longer be displayed.


In principle, we will always mention your name or Instagram account next to the picture, but we are not obligated to do so. This is not a condition for us to be permitted to use your content. Does your picture not have a mention? Then let us know by sending us a message on Instagram: @babboe_cargobike. Tell us where you saw the picture (you can send us the website URL, for example) and what your name/Instagram account is. We will add the mention as soon as possible.

If you do not consent to these conditions and don't respond with #YesBabboe, we will not use your picture. You do not need to take action.

Withdrawing consent

You can withdraw your consent at any time. Do you want to have your picture removed from a specific page? Then let us know by sending us a message on Instagram @babboe_cargobike

For use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, it is not our conditions and privacy policy that apply, but rather the privacy and cookie policy and other policies of the respective social media. See also Babboe's general privacy policy.