Babboe enters the urban goods transport market

Introducing the new Babboe Pro range for business

Amersfoort, 5 February 2020. The Dutch brand Babboe, supplier of family cargo bikes since 2007, will start operating in the goods transport sector. The new Babboe Pro cargo bikes are the ideal way to transport goods in an urban environment. These cargo bikes are equipped with a powerful electric assistance system. The trendy, well-designed and robust composite box is very suitable for business providers’ mobile advertising. The new cargo bikes are exclusively available at

Babboe's Managing Director, Chiem de Winter:"We always listen carefully to our customers, who are increasingly asking for cargo bikes. In addition to young families, we’re experiencing a rapidly growing demand from companies. Due to the growing number of urban mobility issues, we foresee significant growth in the goods transport market over the coming years. Research indicates that the market for cargo bikes will reach annual sales of 2 million in the next ten years, partly due to the alternative that the cargo bike offers for inner-city mobility. At Babboe, we have the know-how, expertise, and innovative power to meet the needs of this growing market. We’re very proud of our newly developed line, which offers a sustainable, fast, and affordable solution for goods transport."

Babboe is a Dutch cargo bike company and was started by a group of parents who were looking for the ideal cargo bike. High quality, combined with affordability. Constant innovation, close collaboration with consumers, and successful product introductions ensure that Babboe delivers its bikes to more than 30 countries worldwide. In 2017, Babboe became part of the Accell Group.

Babboe Pro models

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