Securing your dog in a cargo bike. how do you do it?

Securing your dog in a cargo bike

When your kids ride in your cargo bike, their safety is the most important thing. The kids can sit (in a seat) on the bench, fasten the seatbelts, and they're ready to go. But how does that work with a dog? There's nothing more important than safety when you take your dog on the road in your cargo bike. Which makes securing your dog in your cargo bike of utmost importance.

Once your dog has mounted the parked cargo bike, step 1 is securing them. You need to make sure that the dog can't jump out of the box, that they'll stay calmly seated. Place a harness on your dog, for example, with a short leash to hold them as deep in the cargo box as possible. You can also secure your dog on the right or left side of the cargo box, so that they can't go to the other side. You can use the "dog shackles " in the cargo box to do this.

Dog shackles

Babboe's cargo bikes for dogs have handy rings inside the cargo box to which you can fasten your dog's leash. These rings keep your dog safely secured, preventing them from jumping out of the cargo box.

Of course, there are many different types of dog leashes available. Unfortunately, not every leash on the market is compatible with the dog shackles. Fortunately there's a cheap solution, so you can still use the dog shackles to secure your dog.

Leash splitter

Maybe you already have one at home: a dog leash splitter. The leash splitter is usually used to walk two dogs more easily, on one leash. But you can also use the leash splitter to safely secure your dog in the box of your cargo bike. Attach your dog's leash to the leash splitter, and then attach one end to your dog's collar, and the other to the shackle inside your doggy cargo bike. This will let you secure your dog in the cargo bike.

Are you eyeing a doggy cargo bike, but are worried that your dog might not like it? Then take a test drive. Not every dog responds well to being placed in a cargo bike. Let alone when that "crazy contraption" is in motion. Your test drive will not only give you the chance to see what it's like to bike with a cargo bike for dogs, but also how your dog will respond to how the cargo bike moves. So you'll know whether or not a cargo bike for dogs is right for you.

Securing your dog in a cargo bike

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