Family cargo bikes

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A real women's cargo bike: the Babboe Mini

Looking for a cargo bike but still not sure which model to choose? Then the Babboe Mini might be the right bike for you. This compact cargo bike is shorter than a standard two-wheel cargo bike, lightweight and rides more or less like a regular bike This makes the Babboe Mini an ideal women's cargo bike. 

Lontail cargo bike

Ride a longtail cargo bike like it's a regular bike

The Babboe Slim Mountain is the king of longtail cargo bikes. Thanks to its slim frame, this bike is ideal for long distances and narrow streets. Unlike a traditional cargo bike, children don't sit next to each other, but behind each other. Just like the longtail bikes described above. The biggest advantage of the Babboe Slim Mountain is that it lets you always keep an eye on your kids. With a longtail bike, your children sit behind you, making it difficult to chat or check on your kids.

Cargo bike for children

Cargo Bike for children with a door: The Babboe Go

This cargo bike for children is based on the Babboe Curve, but with 1 important difference; a door on the front. This makes getting on and off easy for your kids.

Cargo bike for dogs

A cargo bike for dogs - How cool is that?!

The best cargo bike for dogs is the Babboe Dog or the Go. Both cargo bikes have a bench that fits two children.

long john cargo bike

A long john cargo bike that is perfect for urban cycling: the Babboe City

Find yourself in traffic often when taking your kids to and from daycare? And do you live in a bustling city? Then chances are you experience pressure from all sides. With two kids on your bike, cycling in the city can be challenging, such as riding in a straight line and avoiding collisions with oncoming or passing cyclists.

Which cargo bike cover fits my cargo bike?

Which cargo bike cover fits my cargo bike?

Cycling in all sorts of weather? Or in the blazing sun? No problem with the Babboe cargo bike. The convenient cargo bike cover protects your children from the rain and against strong UV rays. You’ll be able to enjoy those cargo bike rides throughout the year.

A cargo bike wedding? It's possible!

A cargo bike wedding? It's possible!

When planning a wedding, it's perhaps not the first form of transportation you'd think to use. But a picturesque vehicle might just make a difference on your wedding day. Looking for an original idea? And already have a cargo bike waiting in your shed? Use a cargo bike as your wedding transportation! You will definitely turn heads when the two of you arrive at your wedding location in your unique wedding-ready cargo bikes!

The best cargo bike: we have 10 tips especially for you.

The best cargo bike: we have 10 tips especially for you.

You want to buy a cargo bike, but where do you begin? Taking a test ride is the best advice that we can give, but before you get that far you will have to make a few choices. With these 10 tips, we will help you on your way so that you know what you should bear in mind in order to find the best cargo bike.